All about connections

Our business is all about connections, isn’t it? We connect on a regular basis with industry friends, colleagues, and clients. We value and nurture our long-standing connections and appreciate opportunities to create new ones. The act of writing connects words to create the optimal meaning to convey to the reader what needs to be expressed.  GatehouseConnections reflects all these ideas.

So, here’s a story connecting 2011 to the present day.  Back in the early days of IMEX America, I met Jim Parker, the founder of Digitell who was exhibiting in the tech pavilion, along with his brother Steve. We connected, and in subsequent years, we would meet up at ASAE to catch up and see what was going on in our respective worlds.

I hadn’t seen Jim for a few years but when I announced the start of GatehouseConnections on LinkedIn, we reconnected, and I was delighted to accept his offer to write for Digitell.  Digitell has subsequently been sold and Jim is now happily retired, but I was happy to catch up and help his company with their writing needs.

Similarly, other industry colleagues have reached out, wanting to know more about GatehouseConnections.  It’s been fun catching up and sharing my story with them as I continue on this next phase of my industry journey.